Puppy Love

How fortunate am I, to get to photography faces like this! Happy to say... this little cutie has already been adopted.

Bogart – the Gentle Giant

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting this beautiful boy. "Gentle Giant" kept coming to mind while we spent our time together. Bogart is a 5 year old Collie / Shepherd mix, available for adoption through Winnipeg Animal Services. A sweet, sweet boy. Post Update: Happy News! Bogart has been adopted.


Every once in awhile you meet a dog that touches your heart in a special way. Haylee did just that. She is a young gal, only 10 months old, who somehow found herself lost and on her own. Lucky for her, she is now at Winnipeg Animal Services and through their adoption program will soon [...]

Dogs In Waiting

"Waiting for someone you love is never easy. Especially when the one you're waiting for isn't aware that you're waiting." ~ unknown Right now we have so many good dogs waiting at "the shelter" ... hoping that the next person to pass by will take a moment to pause and take notice. Sadly some have [...]

One Pup and Three Ladies

It has been bitterly cold this week, even by Winnipeg standards. Tuesday morning was more of the same... deep blue skies, an abundance of sunshine with air that is so prickly frigid, the molecules nip at your cheeks as you walked through it... -37C with the windchill. Extra mitts and dry socks were stuffed deep [...]