Pussy Willows

Nothing says “spring” like the pussy willow…

The Legend of Pussy Willows

A Polish legend tells the tale
Of tiny kittens, oh so frail.

Along the river’s edge they chased
With butterflies they played and raced.

They came too close to the river’s side
And thus, fell in. Their mother cried.

What could she do but weep and moan
Her babies fate were yet unknown.

The willows, by the river knew
Just what it was they they must do.

They swept their graceful branches down
Into the waters, all around.

To reach the kittens was their goal
A rescue mission, heart and soul.

The Kittens grasped the branches tight.
Tthe willows saved them from their plight.

Each springtime since, the story goes
Willow branches now wear clothes.

Tiny fur like buds are sprung
Where little kittens once had clung.

And that’s the legend, so they claim
How Pussy Willows Got their name.

Pet Photography Sesson – Beau and Payton

Beau is a happy, bouncy Australian Shepherd cross and the lovely Miss Payton is a very pretty Collie mix… two rescue pups that have found the perfect forever family. Together they make up a lively, fun-packed duo.

Our session location was the park like entrance to the walking bridge that connects Portage Ave. to Assiniboine park. The time is Spring… and there is no better time!

Payton and Beau

Payton and Beau

Beau and Payton


Thank you Sarah, Mike, Payton and Beau… what a lovely way to spend a Sunday morn.



Complimentary Photo Session – Lucy

With the hint of spring noticeably in the air and at our feet, Lucy, her Mom and I spent a most enjoyable morning in Birds Hill Park. Miss Lucy is a 12 year old Border Collie / Shepherd mix with much of the Border Collie visible in her still energetic personality.


The past couple of years have seen Lucy deal with some significant health issues but today was a good day. She was happy to be out and about and seemed to totally enjoy the sights and smells of this time of year. Snow still covered much of the ground … but tall grass and dirt patches were emerging as well… all sorts of new scents now revealed.


Such a pretty girl.


Simply enjoying the day…


Some friendships are special… the love evident.


I wish you well, Lucy. You are a beautiful girl.